Carbon Estates

Benchmark, forecast, model and manage towards Non Domestic Green Deal


CADmeleon have developed a strategic asset management tool that will identify building's at risk with the Green Deal law that prohibits the leasing of non-domestic properties. This will affect approximately 44% of property (buildings with an E,F and G ratings on an EPC). This law is due to come into effect by the latest of 2018 but could well come before.

Increasing the efficiency of your estate’s buildings means you need to be able to analyse the energy you use and benchmark how well each building performs against its ideal and the others you manage. Carbon Estates is both an effective operational monitoring tool and a powerful system for building performance analysis and simulation. Carbon Estates allows you to project predict and justify the benefits of capital projects before committing resources.

CADmeleon have developed a unique solution that can help your organisation come to terms with these issues. Carbon Estates is a benchmarking software that has been developed using existing protocols and legislation that helps to accurately report in order to mitigate the risk associated with the Green Deal. Energy Efficiency Software for the built environment is now here with Carbon Estates.

Energy Efficiency Software

Carbon Estates enables:

• Virtual retrofitting recommendations to the existing estate
• Mitigate risk against F and G rated buildings
• Tailored reporting of projected data
• Visualise projected carbon reductions
• Compare alternative projected models
• Present proposals for alternative retrofit programmes
• Optimise spending and achieve efficiency gains

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Unique Benchmarking Software

Carbon Estates
Benchmark, forecast, model and manage towards Green Deal F & G rating requirements. Carbon Estates benchmarks efficiency across your entire estate, a complete overview.  Read more here


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